Ah, the fun of it all…  I and the occasional gaggle of friends mashup the B2B marketing landscape with commentary on Agency-Client behaviors, Trends Tracking,  Alliance/Partner marketing topics and all things Marcom.   The result is a conversation on the fluff and frustrations of tech communications, and the care and careful feeding of outside Agencies that supply B2B  Marcom, PR, Media and Creative.  This site seeks to fosters no-bull blowout discussions with business professionals who live it, breath it and supply the grease.   Add in the occasional detours (what we call “Color:  Off the Track” that are just plain interesting, and the occasional recommendations for good wine, guitars and fast cars, off-beat destinations and our ramblings will go where ever the keystrokes lead.

What you can expect to see:

Authored posts – A single-topic blog by a B2B professional centered around the care and feeding of an Agency-Client relationships, about B2B Marcom and Marketing, and on the occasional off-the-wall topic that just strikes our fancy. 

*  Statistics/Trend Resources – Collections of facts, resource sites and trend tracking sources.  Material for copywriters, creative directors, and business-fact junkies of every kind and color.

Shout Outs – Short posts on the day-to-day irritants that prove that someone just doesn’t get it.

*  Point/Counterpoint Debates – Agency v. Client on topics and trends that B2B marketeers face daily and haven’t yet found an instruction book w/answers that make practical sense.

*  Color – Topical posts regarding news-of-the-day, current topics that just should not be ignored even though not directly related to the Agency-Client Relationship main focus.


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