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Spectrum_by_GRlMGOR(Read time = 2-3 minutes) The Q3 mashup on social media, research and tools, marketingt/marcom, Agency-Client relationship topics and a smattering of fun and fancy.  The team here is focused on bringing B2B marketing and social media discussion to a larger audience as we all work to use new tools so solve markeing and business communication problems.  If there are topics you’d like us to explore, please forward suggestions. 

   In just over three months, the blog has logged more than 17,000 views, well beyond our expectations.  Thanx everyone for the reads, encouragement and support.

A Q3 Roundup of Twitter, Tools, Social Media Marketing, Research and the like.  Enjoy.


Twitter for B2B, Specifically

Social Media

  • Social Media: Arm Yourself for the C-Suide Debate
  • Embedding Content v. Host It Yourself
  • Digital Etiquette
  • The Transforming Impact of Social Media
  • Analog Bridges to Better Understand Social Media
  • Social Media Statistics (1H’09) and Research Sites
  • Branding

    Public Relations



    Guest Posts


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