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Spectrum_by_GRlMGOR(Read time = 3 minutes) Articles you may have missed from some oft overlooked sources, and some stalwarts.  Commentaries on Facebook, Twitter… telephones and Earth’s own aliens- and giants like Buffett, Apollo 11 and the BBC .  A perfect diversion for a mid-business day read.  Let me know if you have others to include on the list. 


1.  MIT Technology Review: “Privacy in the age of Facebook”

2.  Fast Company: “Daddy Givebucks”   Three years ago, Warren Buffett gave each of his kids $1 billion to give away — suddenly thrusting them into the philanthropic elite. Here’s what they learned.

3.  Scientific American:  “40th Anniversary of Apollo 11”  Neil Armstrong interview, NASA features, the moon landing through Soviet eyes.  All this in more.  SA editors have compiled a plethora of content that speaks to mankind’s giant leap.

4.  The Economist:  “Cutting the cord: America Loosing Its Landlines” The decline of newspapers has been much reported, but another staple of American life is being dealt a death blow:  the telephone landline.  Some estimates suggest the last cord will be cut sometime in 2025.

5.  Discover Magazine:  “Earth’s Own Aliens: They Light Up & Live in the Deep” Marine biologist Edie Widder’s underwater spy camera is an underwater SETI, finally giving humans a chance to see the freaky world of deep-ocean bioluminescent animals.



***  (Video) Kevin Spacey explains Twitter to Letterman

*** (Conan O’Brien: The Tonight Show Video Clip) Shatner Does Palin’s Resignation



1.  New York Times: “PR2.0 in Silicon Valley”

2.  Slate.com: “Domain Names – Don’t Pay”

3.  Business Week:  “Twitter Dominates CMO Social Network Plans” 



“Old Media” Blogs the New Media – what I like is the fundamental old journalism rigor of sourcing/checking. doesn’t mean they always get it right but does provide reading that’s a step removed from citizen journalism.


1.  dot.com BBC News The web at 20 and other topical technology conversations.

2WSJ Tech Blog:  Digital topics by the baston of print  

3.  Harvard Business Review Several and varied blogs on business, technology topics.




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