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eye(Read time: 3 minutes) I’ll try not to boil the “tool” ocean. Rather, this is a recap of some day-to-day, practical apps that I use most every day – and a few I’m investigating.  Hope the post is useful in suggesting a framework for exploration.  Beyond this… Google and Bing for more referrals than you can handle.

The Collection

Tool Sites for name checking, branding:  Who owns your brand in today’s social media landscape?  Seriously… have you staked out your brand/brand names in the hot new media real estate market?  These tools will allow you to quickly check

Twitter Tools (NEW) for Businesses:  A keyword tracking tool plus a best practices manual.

Guzzel.it  : Newly launched, customizable using keywords; a newsfeed RSS reader. 

Lasyfeed (still in beta): innovative tool to monitor realtime web and information discovery.  takes a promo code to test drive;  video demo available here.   I’ll be doing a review in the near future.

Twitter Tracking: (beyond just inputing keywords directly into Twitter Search, experiment with these as a means to monitor Twitterverse conversations:  Bingtweets and Crowdeye.

Trendrr Automated tracking/reporting of social and digital media.  Free plus paid option.  You pick the sites and variables.  Listen, measure, compare.

Twitnest: Just one way cool/way fun tool.  Provides the Twitter user with a visualization of who you follow and their inter-relationships.  Very much in the vein of the Visual Thesaurus tool from years back.

BoardTracker :A message board tracking tool with categorized features and uer inputs.  Searchable threads. Free plus premium account options.

CoTweet:  Self proclaimed: “how business does Twitter”  a beta app providing for multiple accounts/multiple uses; keyword monitoring and trend tracking, duty cycle alerts, click tracking, tweet scheduling, threaded conversations, and more. Soliciting sign-ups/testing accounts.

Twubble: Searches your followers, and their followers – then provides a recommendation of who you might consider following, based on which of your followers follow whom.  (confused?  A nifty free app… try it, you’ll get the picture.

Ping.fm: A message posting site that supports 40+ social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, flickr, LinkedIn, hi5, del.icio.us, Mashable, friendfeed, etc.) Free.  Mobile platforms, as well.

Yacktrack: Lets you enter a URL of a post that you want to see comments for.  Search for comments on your content from various sources/other blogs that talk about your content.

Old Standbys – Shorten URLs:  In a 140-character world (or in those cases where you need to cloak or have a URL alias, these (and other) sites can be very helpful.  For bloggers/others, some also come with nifty metrics.  All are free.  BudURL has several upgrade for pay options.  If you’re gonna tweet, you gotta shorten. 

  • TinyURL.com
  • bit.ly
  • BudURL – the one I’m experimenting with now.  Nice metrics, free and options for small fee

Desktop Twitter the Seesmic/TweetDeck discussion.   

 Blackberry Ubertwitter discussion  (sorry no experience with iPhone – don’t own one). Ubertwitter  I’m experimenting w/this one real-time. Nice geo-locator feature that alerts you to everyone tweeting by GPS location.  Very useful if you’re travelling and looking for local Twitter connections


Followformation: Launched 7/14, categorizes top Twitter users by area of interest (social media,  tech, blogger, sports, etc).

backtype: a conversational search engine that strives to index and connect conversations from blogs and social networks

icerocket: free analytics, invisible tracker for blog site visits/other statistics.  Live demo click here.




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