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gemstone1(Read time: 1-2 minutes) As an ingredient brand in the tech industry, it’s difficult to find instances where you can tout an end-product solution let alone have a chance for gaining any real big-brand PR traction.  Twitter recently provided an unexpected 140-character, Public Relations gem.

First, understand that I don’t really do PR – yeah, in another life I owned a PR Agency but today… I’m a Marcom guy with a self-assigned social media exploration agenda.  My morning routine includes a Twitter dose along with my cup o’Joe.  Paraphrasing my “ah ha” moment while scaning Tweet Deck, I found a tweet alerting me that one of our big-brand customers in the computer segment had its workstation products installed at the firm which did the digital art rendering for new movie smash, Ice Age 3.  The cool things was, our technology and pieces/parts were the enabling solution. 

Duh… took  maybe two seconds to connect the dots:  Hit movie… big-brand customer… our technology – What a trade press/industry PR opportunity Twitter just handed out!  

Even better, it was earnings season and our Wall Street call was just two weeks out.  Our IR guy was prospecting for success stories, design wins, and assorted other pearls to sprinkle between the dollar and investment chatter. For added color, a related story was circulating about the anticipated large impact on data storage requirements (we make/sell storage technology/storage systems so growth= goodness) due to the trend toward 3D movie production. 

It was the perfect storm. 

Dutifully, I fired off the obligatory email to Sales asking them to confirm our technology was indeed “inside” (don’t trip on the small details…); gave a heads up to the Product Marketing folx, ping’ed our PR team w/a brief outline and plea to gear up for a quick draft; then alerted our investor relations lead that we might have something fun.  Then, I sat back – pleased at a darn good day’s work, all the result of a Twitter post, leisure reading over coffee and a self-imposed assignment to pay attention.

Once the sales team confirm, we’ll need only to pull together the misc. facts, try for a customer quote (why wouldn’t they since they were already tweeting their involvement/connection to the blockbuster film).  Way cool to be able to associate our brand w/a major customer AND a hit movie.

 Tweet…. tweet……



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