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ScoopDog’s Collection of Social Media Statistics and Tracking Sites.

MathematicsStatistics. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, just gotta have ‘em. Whether baseball, sales target demographics or now, the new world of Social Media Networks. Data helps us quantify and qualify. It’s just numbers but To this end, here’s my go-to list for following Social Media/Network volumes and trends.:


Nielsen Reports – Yup, the venerable stalwart of television media buyers. Visit Nielsen for a multi-language, searchable site making a case for 2.0 tracking. Specifically, check out this PDF of a Nielsen Report on Social Networking’s Global Footprint (3/09)

• Hitwise Data Center – Particularly their industry trends section  for a look at fast moving search terms and the industry clickstream. Also contains an Analyst blog, webinar schedule and case studies.

• cnetNews  – Covers all things digital and has the occasional article on new media usage. Here’s the latest I’ve found – the hidden resource feeding many of the more popular and public reporting sites (Mashable, Techcrunch). These guys prepackage comparative reports for research circulation. The cool thing is that you can sign up for a free account (MyCompete) and run your own comparisons (up to five). Pay bucks and get more but the freebie is pretty cool just by itself.

• comScore  – self proclaimed global source of digital market intelligence. While in the business of selling research, the site contains a plethora of library products accessable free, sponsors webinars on 2.0 topics and hosts digital audience measurement events. Often sited resource for usage statistics.

Top 10 2008 social media sites (thru Nov 08 data reported ) as ranked by comScore

Techcrunch screenshop

• AdAge – another resource long familiar to advertising and marketinig professionals. The old girl publishes on many digital landscape topics, occasional on the statistical side. Here’s a link to the latest I’ve found, a report on LinkedIn use and trends.

• Techcrunch – While the site often re-packages foundational research adding insights and commentary, it’s a great site to frequent. I recently found this global map of social media (network) “dominance” (their word, not mine).

Measurement: It’s not just about the numbers, it’s also about measuring the effect. One site that tackles this discussion is MeasurementCamp.

Reminder regarding the sourcing: this is just a collection of sites with data. I’m not endorsing nor commenting on validity of methodology or process. I’d welcome any further site recommendations and/or data links if you’d care to submit a URL to the comment section.



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