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B2B Marcom can be loads of fun, shhhhhh, don’t tell!  Every so often, I’ll dig back here to some adventures and some of the lessons learned.  For the newly hired and/or newly minted, a Marcom assignment offers up the chance for grand fun while serving the greater outbound good – if you prime yourself to be nimble and open to the opportunities.

Before American Idol there was Star Search.  And that’s where this story starts…

Sawyer BrownLesson Learned:  Trusted networks, then as well as now, are vital resources that can be tapped for learning and execution.  You don’t have to be an “everything expert” so long as you know where to turn and when to go looking. Reach out, face-to-face.

It’s been a particularly difficult week for celebrities (we’ve seen the passing of MJ, Billy, and Charlie’s brightest angel – and Johnny’s sidekick and Star Search provocateur, Ed McMahon), the Star Search clips of Britney’s “discovery” brought back to mine my own brush with the soon-to-be famous: in this case country-western singer Mark Miller and his band, Sawyer Brown.

The year was 1983.  I was directing outbound marketing for a Fortune 200 heavy-industry ingredient brand.  We were on the cusp of launching an oil product aimed at the long-haul trucker.  Could there be any better solution than a Nashville, TN country song to spur on sales?  The target community was awash in CB radio use, boot and denim, and the strategies all aligned.  We needed only to solve for the music piece w/in a not so generous budget.  

Tapping what today would be called my “trusted network”, a friend of a friend knew a songwriter/producer.  A quick call produced the recommendation to use the contry/rock group, Sawyer Brown – at the time, unknown but on the verge of possible discovery.  They were competing on Star Search, hosted by McMahon, but had not yet won.  For pre-star dollars, we brought the five youngsters into studio and recorded various music beds, a long-score lyrics single and several 0:30 cuts for radio commercial use.

Two weeks later, Sawyer Brown won the show.  Recording contracts followed, and my company had rights to promote a  “name” recording star associated w/our product launch.  And, 25 years later, the band continues to shine brightly.

Pure Fun:  The Nashville Music Scene.  I was able to taste the Nashville music scene, watch/learn as some of the best studio musicians and Miller’s band brought our lyrics to life, and walked away with valuable experience along my Marcom path.  Oh, and that oil product?  The Sawyer Brown commercial has long since faded and been forgotten but the oil I helped launch is still out there and selling strong.  And, I have a framed, signed original of the music score in my home office.  Marcom… How cool is that!



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