Spectrum_by_GRlMGORColor, Fun for Thought:  Marketeers gotta walk the talk, if you want to be in the game.  Here’s a beginning collection of terms and terminology gaining traction, and several sources well worth the bookmark.  If you’re feeling busted by the distinctions between Twubes and Twitches, or just plain curious about marketing jargon gone wild – check ’em out. 

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Trends Rising

Crowdsourcing and what it means for innovation.

Trust Agent – Using the web to build influence, improve reputation and earn trust. 

Lingo Worth Some Love

*  Flog:  Fake blog, eg marketing folx pretending to be interested third-party leaving reviews of their own products/blog posts.

*  Dark Marketing – Discreetly sponsored online entertainment.

*  Relanguage – $200 word used in place of the $5 variety:  reword, rephrase or rewrite.

*  (oldy but goodie) Reasonable Facsimile – blast from the distant past, as in the old ad pitch: “send in three cornflake boxtops (to qualify your entry in x contest), or a “reasonable facsimile”.  For months as a child I searched for that magical key: reasonable facsimile that was to be my key to the kingdom.

* Warchalking – wall tags that wireless hackers place to mark nearby networking nodes that can be tapped for free.

Sites Worth the Bookmark

Jargon Watch – Where MBA business buzzwords go to die.

Wired Magazine’s Jargon Watch

DoubleTongued Dictionary

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