Rant2Client-Side Rant     Please, when you pitch me, use the medium you’re selling.   So duh… if your firm provides video production/editing, show me your presentation using video; if the pitch is web design/development, how about presenting to me via an interactive website.  It’s difficult, near impossible to get my attention (unless the Redwings or Celtics are winning and the beer is flowing), so if you do, don’t waste the chance.   Oh, I can be found (witness this blog, various press releases, a Google search or two, etc.) but it’s few and far between that a cold call or ping actually produces any meaningful result. I do go looking for creative and production. I seek references from w/in my social network, search and review company websites, ask Agencies I know and trust for references. From that, I reach out and cold call you – usually thru senior creative or strategy exec, never thru a biz dev door and NEVER thru anyone sniffed out to be sales.

But please, there’s no better demonstration of you/your firm’s competency and skills than to use what you’re selling (and what I want to buy) as the main pitch medium. What also occurs when I get this type of presentation is usually discussion led by creative and production leads. If not, sad the day the biz dev guy blew his firm’s chance. I’ll want to talk the production specifics behind what your showing – it’s your book and I’ll want to hear how it became real, how much reliance on contractors or freelancer there was, and how success was measured – at the client’s, and inside your own shop.

Agencies that get in the door usually have a referral from someone I know. I buy widely in all parts of NA. My preference is purchase from the direct resources: if I need video I want the shooter and production studio… voiceover? I’ll try to hire talent direct and book my own studio time. Full-service firms have more overhead than I can stand except for the largest of projects. Smaller, specialty shops can/do get my attention and share of consideration.

Hey, maybe I’ll start a mini-Craig’s list of Agency/freelance resources that I and my client-side friends have had hands-on success using. Could be an on-going blog resource list posting.

Interested anyone? Any value there?



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